SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 25

The Resurrected Ginginman

Hakka found a planet where roses bloomed and, enchanted by its beauty, secretly landed there. However, it is a planet ruled by Ginginman. Balaran, the guardian of Ginginman’s treasure, disguises herself as a beautiful woman and approaches Hakka. Hakka becomes infatuated with Balaran and, unaware that he is being tricked, promises to free herself from the sealing chains that keep her prisoner and gets off the Cosmos, forgetting his mission. At the same time, the black hole that swallowed Ginginman emits a suspicious light.

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Translation Thoughts

The rose monster in this episode is called バララン bararan. Rose in Japanese is 薔薇 bara, so I guess a professional translator would have probably called her something like Roselyn. Since I like the names to be as close to their original Japanese names as possible, I used Balaran. She’s a monster anyway, so calling her Roselyn would have made her appear more human than she really is.

I happened to come across an early episode of this show dubbed in Spanish and I realized they translated パライザー・ビーム paraizaa biimu as “Rayos Paralizantes”, which actually means “Paralyzer Beam” in English. You might recall in a previous post that I had my doubts that they tried to say paralyzed, but I wasn’t completely sure. From this episode on, I decided to use Paralyzer Beam as the translation of the attack because even if the attack doesn’t paralyze anybody, at least the word makes some sense.

3 thoughts to “SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 25”

  1. Hello! Hope you´re doing great!

    You have no idea how grateful I’m for what you’re doing!. Here in Latinamerica -I’m from Chile- all the 80’s kids we absolutly love Starzinger – it’s known here as El Galáctico-, but sadly just 47 or 50 episodes were spanish dubbed as far as we know and even more terrible is that of that amount, only 24 episodes survived and are available now, all the other ones got lost. It’s so sad that we were never able to watch the end with the spanish dubbed, which is so dear to our hearts, and beautiful and professional.

    This year I started -again after some years- the search of the complete series and found the italian dubbed, which is really beautiful too, but of course, even though spanish and italian are quite similar, I was able to understand like half of everything I listened, plus the episodes are really bad quality. Also I learnt that TOei released dvd box sets some years ago, but without any subtitles, which made me feel really fustrated. They are so darn expensive and they didn’t even care about us, english and spanish speaking fans, which I’m pretty sure they know we exists.

    Well, I was able to find some english subbed episodes, but not the complete series and just by accident I came across your blog like one month ago and I promised I started to tear up cause I thought I was gonna get old and die without watching all the episodes of these series I love since I remember, in a language I understand.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your hard work!

    But as you can imagine, I want to share this happiness with the whole spanish speaking comunnity.
    So, I want to ask your permission to use your english subs to translate them into spanish.

    I’ve already been “playing” with Aegisub for a couple of weeks to learn how to use it and I succeeded, now I just need your permission.

    Is it possible that after I translate the subs, you can upload them along with the episodes?. And I would like to upload them myself too, giving you all the credits of course! You are the hero without a cape! Also, I have the episodes that you haven’t uploaded, 13, 14 15 and 16. Got them from another blog. I can give you the link.

    Please let me know. You have no idea how excited I am!

    Have a wonderful week and take care!

    1. Sure! You can translate them to Spanish and make your own release! I personally use Subtitle Edit, because it’s free and have all the features that I need, and it’s very simple to use. I haven’t even heard of Aegisub.

      To me it’s not about credit; what I wanted is to reach all those kids inside 40+ years old man bodies that used to watch this show in the late 70s or early 80s. I wasn’t even gonna put my credits in these episodes and I think episode 17 doesn’t have any, but then I started to add a link to this site so the viewers could read some “translation notes” or a fun fact from the episode.

      ILA (I Love Anime) is the group that started all this and they translated the first 12 episodes a long time ago. Back then I used to hang out in their IRC channel and mostly talked to Riva, and probably once or twice with Gxseries, their translator. Gxseries translated up to episode 50 I think, but they were never timed/edited/released. Then TSHS (The Skaro Hunting Society) picked up the project and re-released everything and added four more episodes, up to episode 16. But unfortunately Nanto from TSHS is too busy in other projects that are more interesting to him than this show, and I said to myself: why not? I think Starzinger deserves some love.

      Legend has it that ZIV International dubbed 47 episodes of El Galáctico but as far as I know they only dubbed “one season” of 24 episodes and after that El Galáctico was dropped from El Festival de Los Robots. Same thing happened with Koutetsu Jeeg (El Vengador) where, again as far as I know, they only dubbed 24 episodes. We might think these shows were insanely popular in LATAM at the time but they actually flopped! Only Daikuu Maryuu Gaiking (El Gladiador) was dubbed in its entirety.

      But I think at first their plan was to dub the whole series. Why? Well here’s an interesting fact that you probably don’t know:

      All the scenes from Starzinger that appear in the El Festival de los Robots opening and El Galáctico ending are actually from Starzinger II. You might remember from these scenes that Kugo transforms into a giant version of himself. Kugo doesn’t acquire this skill until episode 65 or episode 1 of Starzinger II (sorry for the spoiler!). Also you might realize that Princess Aurora is dressed differently, her helmet is different and she’s wearing pants or some kind of leotard instead of the skirt she used to wear on Starzinger I. So I believe ZIV International actually planned to dub everything, otherwise why they would use scenes from the last 9 episodes? But those two series flopped. Looks like El Gladiador was the popular one.

      I’m planning to translate all the 73 episodes and maybe after that make my own releases of the first 16 episodes and the movie, but this is the beginning of a long journey! It’ll probably take me a year but I’ll try. Let’s see what happens.

        I just finished 1rst episode. It was a lot of work, cause as a beginner, I made some mistakes, but as a result I’ve learned more and that’s great. But next ones will be easier, I hope.

        Yeah, that’s exactly where I found the other episodes, in TSHS blog. I wrote to them asking for permission to use their subs and haven’t had an answer yet.
        About the ZIV International dub, I’m pretty much can confirm to you that they dubbed more than the 24 episodes, because even though I was a little girl back then, I remember very well some episodes and characters that doesn’t appear in the spanish dubbed episodes that survive today, like Belamia and the Queen Zarkanda. El Galáctico was aired here on Tv over and over again for several years so I’m pretty sure I watched those episodes several times at different ages, first time being probably when I was like 5-6 years old- that is early-mid 80s. How can I confirm this to you?, cause I finished watching the whole italian dub (it’s the complete series actually) just a couple of months ago, so don’t worry, you didn´t spoil me, lol! And I still can get over the end, sniff!

        Also, the 24 spanish dubbed episodes are not correlative, there are missing ones in between, like the 16 one with Orio and Therese. which I remember watching back in my childhood.

        About the “interesting fact”: Yeah, I realized about it and I was shocked!. We were totally spoiled and we didn’t even know, lol!

        You know, when I was a little girl I was so intrigue about Princess Aurora in that gorgeous outfit and so upset that I wasn’t able to watch her dressed like that. Now I know that she started wearing that new space outfit after her and their companions arrived to the Great Planet.

        Also I had several questions and some things that I didn’t get back then, like Galactico being almost like, 80-90% robot I might say?. Yeah, I know it’s strange, but I didn’t get that as a kid, I mean, I knew he got some robotic parts in his body, but they never used the word “cyborg” in the spanish dub and probably that confused me, even though I always remembered that episode when he was injured in his right arm and Princess Aurora “repaired” him. Also he was included in the Festival de los Robots, I mean, ROBOTS, but still. And I have a very big desilusion now that I know, lol, I mean, it makes me really sad for him. And for Aurora, too :,)
        It’s very, very interesting the flop thing you mentioned, cause almost all the people I know, men and women definitely watched and had very fond memories of El Galáctico, I dare to say is still very, very popular here in Chile and in Latam in general. Even more so that the singer and one of the composers of all the openings and endings for all the Festival de los Robots stories, including Galáctico of course, is chilean: Guillermo Aguirre aka Capitán Memo and he keeps performing live until today. We treasure and love all those songs deeply.
        Well, at the end of the day it’s all about the money, so even if the series were and are still very popular, probably didn’t profit the way ZIV international wanted, that means they just dropped it and forgot about it. With Captain Future was kinda the same, I think?. They did the whole dub (52 episodes), but they lost the amazing USA soundtrack forever. Fortunately, a chilean composer -Oscar Contreras- did some amazing covers and was able to rescue a lot of the soundtrack, with the permission of the original creator of course. I just think that back then, nobody involved in the dub work and the owners of the licenses to distribute any of those old animes were really aware that they would became real cult classics. They were just some “cartoons” aimed for children and that’s it.

        Well, thanks again for all your hard work and letting me use your subs. I’ll be around very often checking your blog, of course, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to translate everything. Just take care yourself a lot and take your time.

        Have a wonderful week!

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