SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 51

Fight! Warriors of Love

The end was approaching for the planet Lassetz as it was affected by the planet Gyuma explosion. Bellamis stayed on the planet to mourn Queen Lassetz. She saw in the Queen the image of her late mother. Soon after, the planet Lassetz explodes, and Bellamis is lost in the explosion. In the end, Kugo and the others were unable to save the people of Lassetz. As they make their way to the Great Planet, overcome with sorrow, they discover a spaceship that has been completely destroyed by a monster attack. It seems to be the work of an invisible monster.

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Translation Thoughts

This is the last episode of the Gyuma – Lassetz arc. Or maybe the last episode was the previous one, and this is a filler? I’m not sure, but all I know is that a new arc starts with the next episode.

Even though both Gyuma and Lassetz were bad people, Lassetz was way worse. But even so, she had a better burial than Gyuma’s. At 7:15 Bellamis says:

Yasuraka ni nemutte kudasai
Rest in peace

If you didn’t know how to say rest in peace in Japanese, well, now you do!

When Hakka is looking at the destroyed ships, he says at 12:09:

Minna bukkowasareteru ja nee ka
They have all been destroyed, haven’t they?

The verb ぶっ壊すbukkowasu means “to destroy; to crush; to wreck”. After that, he says:

Koitsu wa sugoi yatsu ni yarareta youda ze
These guys seem to have been hit by an amazing guy

I changed this to “whoever did this has some serious chops” to fit Hakka’s way of talking. I have mentioned before that Princess Aurora talks like royalty (she is royalty), Jogo talks like an academic, and both Kugo and Hakka talk more in a colloquial, less educated way, with Hakka being a little worse than Kugo. But make no mistake, all of them have good hearts!

I admit I don’t do this very often, but I try to. It’s not that I don’t want to; it’s that I don’t know how to say the same thing in many different ways to categorize people’s statuses. A professional translator has the experience to come up with different colloquial or polite ways to give accurate personalities to different characters.

The conversation at 19:00 was the part that took me the longest to translate from this episode. It starts with Jogo saying:

Soujuu shite tatakau koto wa dekinai ga PERISUKOUPU nara sousa dekiru
I can’t control it to fight, but I can control the periscope.

He doesn’t say exactly what he can’t control, but it’s obvious he’s talking about the Starcopper. Since Jogo hurt his hand, he cannot pilot it, much less fight. But he can be static somewhere using the periscope, and that’s what they do.

A little bit further, Kugo says:

Sono shiji o ukete kougeki sureba ii nda na
So all I have to do is follow those instructions and attack?

And Hakka says:

Doushite KUUGO wa owanai nda, futari de ikeba ii janai ka yo
Why should only Kugo be followed (by Jogo)? Shouldn’t we go together?

In this context, “we” means Kugo and Hakka. The problem here is that somebody has to stay with Aurora, and since Jogo hurt his hand, he’s supposed to stay while his hand is being automatically repaired by the automatic tissue repair mechanism all cyborgs have. Their skin auto-heals. Just the skin, though. You should remember when Kugo hurt his arm really bad and Aurora had to fix it.

Jogo answers:

ぺリースコープでにきは追えない。 出撃するのは一機だ
PERISUKOUPU de ni ki wa oenai. Shutsugeki suru no wa ikkida
I can’t follow two (persons) with the periscope. Only one (of you) will go out.

It’s clear he can only follow one of them and tell them when a monster is near and where it is coming from. Also, somebody should stay with Aurora.