SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 47

Confrontation! Cyborg Warriors

The Cosmos is approaching the planets Gyuma and Lassetz. King Gyuma, seeing that he can no longer leave the situation to his subordinates, decides to launch an attack himself. Kugo and the others take the initiative, discovering and destroying Gyuma’s outpost. Bellamis sets off an anti-matter bomb to lure out the Cosmos that has fled to an asteroid. However, a spaceship of refugees crash-lands on the asteroid. Kugo and Bellamis suspend the battle and try to rescue the spaceship, which is buried in rubble by the explosion.

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Translation Thoughts

I believe this is the episode where Kugo starts falling for Bellamis, and that’s bad news for him.

At 5:48 Queen Lassetz says:

Ourora-hime no omiyage o omachi moushite orimasu
We’ll be waiting for the gift of the Princess Aurora

She literally says that Princess Aurora is a gift, and she’s looking forward to that gift. The direct translation sounds like Aurora will return to Lassetz bearing gifts. Since it might be kind of ambiguous in English, I changed it to “We await the return of Princess Aurora” since Aurora has been captured and brought there several times before (and always rescued). Another good line might’ve been “We await King Gyuma’s return with Aurora” or something along those lines.

I think this is one of the episodes where Hakka has a lot of dialogue. As I’ve said before, I struggle a lot translating him, especially when he’s being funny or telling jokes.

Princess Aurora says one of the funniest lines she has ever said when she tells Hakka at 15:54:

Watashi dokomademo natte iimashita kashira
I don’t think I said I’d follow you anywhere.

Also, in this episode, Hakka teaches us some Japanese insults that maybe you have never heard before:




And Princess Aurora react to those at 8:46 like this:

Hakka-san wa zuibun o kuchi ga warui desu ne
Hakka-san, you have a very foul mouth, don’t you?