SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 17

A Black Shadow In The Blue Sea

The Queen Cosmos has landed on a calm sea planet so princess Aurora can rest. Kugo and his friends are in front of the sea for the first time in a while but the princess, whose painful memories of the sea from her childhood have relived, is completely depressed.

Hakka, remorseful that he has hurt the princess’ feelings, refuses her invitation to swim and takes off looking for a gift to recover her honor. In the meantime, a moth monster called Vulture (Bageba – バゲバ ) appears! Envious of the princess’ beauty, Vulture sends her space monster and kidnaps her!

You can download the torrent file or get direct links from AnimeTosho.

Also you can get the revised version 2 of the subs:

SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 17v2 – English Subs

Translation Thoughts

In every episode I struggle a lot with some lines. Every time Kugo or Hakka speaks I get shivers, especially if they are yelling while fighting with a lot of sound effects and a background music that’s always too loud. Sometimes even when it’s quieter I lose focus and I just translate without thinking or paying attention at the context, something I hope to stop doing at the future.

So I made a mistake at 12:23 when Kugo says:

aitsu mou ichidou mukae ni kuru to omotte amaechau nda

Without context you don’t know who’s doing what: who’s going to come and pick the other up, and who’s being spoiled (甘え – amae means spoil, 甘えちゃう – amaechau being an informal way to say 甘えてしまう – amaete shimau, something like “so spoiled”). The phrase 度迎えに来る – mukae ni kuru means “go and pick you up” or “come and get you”, things like that.

So after watching the episode again, definitely a better translation of that line is:

“He’s so spoiled if he thinks I’m going to go back and get him”

And even that sounds weird to me. What about:

“He’s so stubborn he surely thinks I’m going to go back and get him”

“He’s so spoiled he’s probably waiting for me to go back and get him”

Literal translations almost never work, you have to change them a little bit to make some sense of it in English.

So basically after getting some help from reddit I think I should use:

“He presumes someone will go and get him again, he’s so spoiled”

How would you translate it?

Same thing happened at 14:23 when Kugo says to Vulture:

jibun de minikuikaratte kattena koto iu n ja nee yo

That means something like “you shouldn’t say selfish things because you’re hard to see”, meaning she’s very ugly. I would translate it to “Don’t be selfish just because you’re ugly”, I guess.

Another one, maybe:

kono hoshi mo Galaxy Energy ga yowamatte ita

That can be translated literally: “This planet was also affected by the weakening of the galaxy’s energy”. I don’t know what I was thinking…

I also fixed several typos, you can get the new subtitle script here.