SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 26

A Great Battle! The Hateful Enemy

Ginginman has escaped from the black hole with the help of Kinkinman. Princess Aurora, who hates conflict, is unable to forgive Ginginman for wreaking havoc in the universe, and pursues his whereabouts in order to keep him locked up until peace returns. In front of everyone’s eyes, Ginginman cruelly wipes out the people of the planet Colon just to satisfy his own desires. The enraged Kugo stands up to Ginginman and his most powerful monster, Drango!

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Translations Thoughts

The colonials say at 06:55 and at 07:33 見逃して下さい minogashite kudasai and that’s one of those Japanese expressions that I find hard to translate and usually change it completely to something else that better fits the context in english.

見逃して下さい minogashite kudasai means something like “Please overlook this”, “Please don’t take this into account”, “Pretend you didn’t see this”, “Please let it go this time”, or something along those lines. As you can see those are expressions that are intrinsically linked to Japanese culture. In the Western culture in my opinion those kind of phrases don’t really work. So you’ll see that I translated them to “Please, let us go”.

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