SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 22

Tears! Become a Shooting Star

The spaceship that Kugo destroyed, thinking it was full of space monsters, was actually full of refugee girls who had lost their home planet. Princess Aurora decides to protect them and repair the ship. Princess Aurora is then targeted by a time bomb. Kugo believes that a monster disguised as the young girl Maria is the culprit, and he severely injures her. However, there is no evidence of such a thing anywhere. Kugo gradually becomes isolated, and even Princess Aurora sentences him to a cruel verdict!

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Translation Thoughts

According to Wikipedia, the official names of Kugo’s attacks are:

アストロボー (asutoro bou): Literally “Astro Bo”. A bo is a stick or staff used in martial arts. Since other groups have used “Astro Pole” and phonetically sounds very similar, I decided to use this translation.

アストロ・ザンダー (asutoro zandaa): Literally “Astro Thunder”. Nothing you can do.

アイアン・キッター (aian kittaa): Literally “Iron Kitter”, but a kitter is a cat, right? Other groups have used “Iron Cutter” and that’s very good because Kugo cuts things with this attack. But keep in mind that if that was the real name, then it should be アイアン・カッター (aian kattaa). I think the seiyuu just messed that up and nobody ever noticed. Anyway I’m also using “Iron Cutter”.

パライザー・ビーム (paraizaa biimu): I don’t really know what this is. At first I thought it was an attempt to say “Paralyzer Beam” but definitely that beam doesn’t paralyze anyone. So the most phonetically accurate made up word I could think of was “Palizer” so that’s what I’m using from now on. Also it seems that Google Translate agrees with me.

クローベルト (kurou beruto): “Crow Belt”, but it can also mean “Claw Belt”. Some people may argue that the Starcrow is actually Starclaw. Does this spaceship looks more than a crow to you, or a claw? Let me know. I’m using Starcrow since other groups have used that name, but personally, I think it’s Starclaw, and “Claw Blaster” and “Claw Belt”.

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