SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 2 (66/73)

Monster! Fight, Princess Aurora

The Cosmos headed for the second planet in the Golgore system. Kugo descends in the Starcrow and is mistaken for a god by the inhabitants who worship the Great Planet. Their village appears peaceful at first glance, but in fact it is ruled by a monster named Big Mar, who forces them to produce food. Kugo and the others head for Big Mar’s cave in pursuit of a young man who is trying to rescue his girlfriend, but he has all of his weapons taken away by the monster’s whip. Moreover, even Princess Aurora is taken prisoner!

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Translation Thoughts

Hakka says this word a couple of times:


It means “outrageous”, “unforgivable”, “inexcusable”, things like that. You can hear it at 6:35 when he says this funny line:

Hoka no kotonara izashirazu kuimono no koto to naccha yurusenee ze keshikaran
I don’t care if it’s about other things, but when it comes to food, it’s unforgivable! Outrageous!

Every time Assistant Professor Dodge wants to say “stupid”, he says どじ doji (which sounds like his name), and he never uses a different word for it. It’s really funny! He has always done this since the first episode. He says at 13:35:

Kore wa hito mata nanika doji yarakashita njan
He must have done something stupid again

And in 14:23:

Kono doji! doji!
You idiot! idiot!

Those little things always get lost in translation.

At 15:33 Dodge says:

Docchi ja nai, doji da
It’s not Dodge, it’s Dork!

He got confused this time, and Kugo says:

Kono hou ga kotaeta
What this person replied

That’s the direct translation, but you can tell it’s like saying “Whatever you say” or “As you say”. Kugo is laughing at it, obviously.

You might notice several characters say バビンの木 BABIN no ki, which means Babyn wood, or Babyn tree, depending on the context. There’s an example at 16:37:

Minna BABIN no ki o kezutte yari o tsukuru n ja
Everyone, carve Babyn wood to make spears!

They don’t explain what “Babyn” is, but I think from the context of the whole episode that these trees are native to the planet Babylon, where they are, and have a poisonous sap that can hurt the Golgore monster.

Since that’s my assumption, I added a translator’s note in the episode because I know not everyone is going to come to this website to read these notes. This is the first time I’ve done it on this show.

Hakka breaks the fourth wall in this episode!