SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 7 (71/73)

Shine! Tears of Suffering

The planet Solblue used to be a shining blue planet. Now, with its Galaxy Energy weakened, it is surrounded by a space junk nebula. The crew rescues a dying young man who was adrift on the planet, but he dies before receiving medical attention. When the Queen Cosmos stops by a city where an annual festival is being held, the crew is told by the king that he is satisfied with the current state of the planet and asks Princess Aurora not to restore the Galaxy Energy there. Kugo becomes suspicious of the attitude of the tearful people and begins to secretly investigate.

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Translation Thoughts

In this episode, Kugo fights again with Geminga, the monster that was split in half in episode 3 (67/73) and one of the halves survived and escaped.

Now that I think about it, “Geminger” would’ve been a better English name for him, like they romanized MAJINGAA ZETTO (Mazinger Z), another popular show from the 70s.

At 1:54, Professor Kitty says:

Tokoro ga GYARAKUSHII ENERUGII ga todokanai tame uchuu no gomi ga atsumatte oukina GASU-jou no katamari ni natta no desu
However, because the galaxy’s energy doesn’t reach there, space junk has gathered into a big gaseous mass.

The phrase 宇宙のゴミが uchuu no gomi means cosmic debris, space junk, or space garbage. Professor Kitty says that it formed a ガス状の塊 GASU-jou no katamari, which means a gaseous mass. I used “space junk nebula” instead of “gaseous mass of cosmic debris”. I’m not sure if it’s 100% the same thing, but it’s shorter. I think the audience will get the idea anyway.

I wonder if this episode is a knock on communism, since the elder, who represents the government, says that they are happy now that everyone is equally poor, but the reality is that people are miserable, and they were a lot happier before the space junk gathered. Since I was born in a capitalist country that later became a communist one, I can relate.

At 12:01, Geminga says:

Bunshi gousei ni yoru MONTAAJU de OURORA o damashita
I’ve fooled Aurora using a molecular synthesis montage

I’m not sure what he means, but that’s exactly what he says. I really love when sci-fi shows just make up some technical words to make people awestruck.

Why would Kugo’s clone be affected by the sleeping poison?