SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 29

Great Explosion! Goldstar

Kinkinman was plotting to use Princess Aurora’s galaxy energy to conquer the galaxy. He gave the order to eliminate Kugo and his friends to Solda, the Attack Commander. Solda, who has no home of his own, uses Petrus to attack Kugo and the cyborgs, believing that he will be able to create an ideal planet. In the midst of a fierce battle, Petrus suddenly explodes. Ginginman had rigged the Petrus with self-destruct devices, regardless of Solda being his ally!

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Translation Thoughts

Hakka enjoys speaking about him in the third person. Since he’s the obvious comic relief of the show, it’s always funny when he does it. At 7:06 he says:

kono HAKKA-san wa KUGO yori chikara ga aru nda ze

A direct translation would be “This Hakka-san is more powerful than Kugo”. The funny thing is, he always refers to himself as Hakka-sama and this is the first time he says Hakka-san. That was a humbling gesture from his side!

Hakka made me laugh when Kugo and Jugo ran away and he called them cowards (at 14:08 he says 意気地のない奴らだ – ikiji no nai yatsura da – “What a bunch of cowards”), but a second later he was running scared. He’s funny like that.

SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 28

Rush! The Queen Cosmos

Kinkinman and Ginginman attack the Cosmos by launching their combined robot, Kinginder. Kugo’s arm is injured by Kinginder’s special attack, Storm Plasma, and he is unable to use his Astro Pole. Kugo and the others are backed into a corner, and they let Princess Aurora escape without regard for themselves. There is no time to hesitate to fulfill the mission. Princess Aurora once chose to go to the Great Planet, but she cannot abandon her friends who have traveled with her, and makes a U-turn of the Cosmos toward the battlefield!

You can download the torrent file or get direct links from AnimeTosho

Translation Thoughts

I always struggle with names. Always. In this episode, Solda goes out with an army of bugs that look a little bit like ladybugs if you ask me. The name I hear is エドバー edobaa but it can be anything.

At 6:17 Kinkinman says: 万一の場合を考えエドバー星人を一緒に連れて行け Man’ichi no baai o kangae EDOBAA seiji o issho ni tsurete yuke (“Take the EDOBAA aliens with you just in case”) and this is the first time I hear the name. Solda says the name again at 13:32. What do you think he says?

At 12:53 Solda says まずはお前から血祭りにあげてやるぜ mazu wa omae kara chi matsuri ni agete yaru ze, which can be directly translated to “First of all, I’m gonna give you the bloodbath!”. Don’t you agree that it doesn’t sound like a kid show anymore? I’m not sure. I changed that to “I’m going to make a bloodbath out of you first” because it’s easier to understand. Both are totally valid translations.