SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 9 (73/73)

Farewell Princess! My Friends!

Kugo and his friends follow the Demon King Golger to the moon of the Demon King’s planet. Golger manipulates a swarm of mutants to attack them. These mutants were originally innocent grass, trees, and animals. Kugo and his friends are forced to struggle because they can’t take their lives. To restore them to what they once were, they need the Galaxy Energy of the Great Planet, but electromagnetic matter gets in the way and prevents it from reaching them. The Demon King Golger finally reveals himself in a blow delivered by an enraged Kugo. The time has come to settle the battle for peace throughout the galaxy!

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Translation Thoughts

This is it! The moment you all have been waiting for! The last episode of the SF Saiyuki Starzinger saga.

Thank you to all who have watched the series up to the end.

At 1:35 Kugo says:

ジョーゴ、ガス星雲 だ
JOUGO, GASU seiun da
Jogo, it’s a gas nebula

This time Kugo said literally “gas nebula”. The word 星雲 seiun means nebula. So it wasn’t that bad when I used this translation a couple of episodes ago when they said ガス状の塊 GASU-jou no katamari, which means a “gaseous mass”.

At 2:59 you can hear that Professor Kitty says clearly, “Alpha ni-juu, epsilon san-juu-roku”. When I heard this, I realized I’d made a mistake in translating “epsilon” as “ixilo” on episode 23. Sorry about that!

Golger says at 14:15:

Ima koso ore no osoroshisa o misete yaru
Now I’ll show you how scary I am

You might think that sounds a little dumb, and it is, but keep in mind that this is a show for children!

At 15:04 Kugo says:

Ookisa nara makenai ze
When it comes to size, you can’t beat me!

I translated that in the episode as “Size doesn’t matter to me”, just to try to avoid a “that’s what she said” joke. But I think my effort was useless anyway; it still sounds like a “that’s what she said” joke.

And finally, Princess Aurora says at 19:36:

Kondo koso hontou no owakare desu ne
This time is a real goodbye, isn’t it?

It isn’t, Princess Aurora! I’m going to translate the first movie next!

SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 8 (72/73)

Great Battle! The Demon King Golger

The Cosmos finally entered the last hurdle, the stronghold of the Demon King Golger. Golger orders Big Mar and Sabata to eliminate Kugo and his men. Kugo falls into a trap while trying to save a girl who is caught up in a fight with Big Mar and loses his Astro Pole. Princess Aurora is worried about Kugo, who has no weapon now. When Kugo finds out that the Astro Pole is in the castle of the Demon King Golger, he makes a risky plan to get it back.

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Translation Thoughts

In this episode, Kugo fights against Big Mar once again, the monster he first encountered in episode 2 (66/73).

At 8:02 Kugo says:

Itai me ni awanakya wakan’nai no ka
Don’t you understand unless you experience pain?

This comes from the expression 痛い目にあう itai me ni au, which means “to go through a painful experience”. That sounds more violent in English than it is supposed to, so I changed it a little bit.

Kugo says something interesting at 16:08:

魔王を通せたら姫 決まり文句だけど俺は死んでも思い残すことはないぜ
Maou o tousetara hime, kimarimonku dakedo ore wa shindemo omoi no kosu koto wa nai ze
Princess, if we can get past the Demon King, I know it’s a cliché, but I don’t care about dying!

The word 決まり文句 kimarimonku literally means “cliché”, and I believe this is the first time I hear it in anime. Basically, he’s saying that he knows that the phrase “I don’t care about dying” is a cliché, but he really means it this time.

When Kugo says at 16:41:

Hikari ga tobisatta no kono houkou da
The light took off in this direction

He’s referring to Sabata, who turned into light after taking the Astro Pole, and flew off in that direction.

SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 7 (71/73)

Shine! Tears of Suffering

The planet Solblue used to be a shining blue planet. Now, with its Galaxy Energy weakened, it is surrounded by a space junk nebula. The crew rescues a dying young man who was adrift on the planet, but he dies before receiving medical attention. When the Queen Cosmos stops by a city where an annual festival is being held, the crew is told by the king that he is satisfied with the current state of the planet and asks Princess Aurora not to restore the Galaxy Energy there. Kugo becomes suspicious of the attitude of the tearful people and begins to secretly investigate.

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Translation Thoughts

In this episode, Kugo fights again with Geminga, the monster that was split in half in episode 3 (67/73) and one of the halves survived and escaped.

Now that I think about it, “Geminger” would’ve been a better English name for him, like they romanized MAJINGAA ZETTO (Mazinger Z), another popular show from the 70s.

At 1:54, Professor Kitty says:

Tokoro ga GYARAKUSHII ENERUGII ga todokanai tame uchuu no gomi ga atsumatte oukina GASU-jou no katamari ni natta no desu
However, because the galaxy’s energy doesn’t reach there, space junk has gathered into a big gaseous mass.

The phrase 宇宙のゴミが uchuu no gomi means cosmic debris, space junk, or space garbage. Professor Kitty says that it formed a ガス状の塊 GASU-jou no katamari, which means a gaseous mass. I used “space junk nebula” instead of “gaseous mass of cosmic debris”. I’m not sure if it’s 100% the same thing, but it’s shorter. I think the audience will get the idea anyway.

I wonder if this episode is a knock on communism, since the elder, who represents the government, says that they are happy now that everyone is equally poor, but the reality is that people are miserable, and they were a lot happier before the space junk gathered. Since I was born in a capitalist country that later became a communist one, I can relate.

At 12:01, Geminga says:

Bunshi gousei ni yoru MONTAAJU de OURORA o damashita
I’ve fooled Aurora using a molecular synthesis montage

I’m not sure what he means, but that’s exactly what he says. I really love when sci-fi shows just make up some technical words to make people awestruck.

Why would Kugo’s clone be affected by the sleeping poison?

SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 6 (70/73)

Kugo vs Fake Kugo

Dragon, a monster once defeated by Kugo, disguised himself as Kugo in revenge and launched an attack on the planet Spalleta. He severely injures the king’s son, whose father refuses to submit to Princess Aurora, and instills hatred in the people. Unaware of this, Kugo is attacked for a crime he does not know anything about. On the condition that Jogo becomes a hostage, Kugo takes it upon himself to capture the impostor, but if he fails to catch the real culprit, Jogo will be killed!

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Translation Thoughts

If you have trouble differentiating the two Kugos, the fake one speaks faster and in a slightly higher pitch, but is very noticeable. That makes him harder to translate too, at least for me.

At 11:12 Kugo says:

Aitsu wa DORAGA-sei de deatta tatsumaki MONSUTAA ni chigainai yo
That must be the tornado monster we encountered on Planet Dragon

Honestly, they never called the first planet “Planet Dragon” anywhere until now, but the first monster was indeed called Dragon, and it is the same monster. I translated it as “first planet”. Jogo also mentions this earlier, at 9:58.

SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 5 (69/73)

The Planet of Love is the Planet of Sorrow

The Cosmos visited the planet Gore. The queen who greeted them told them that there had been a battle with monsters, and Kugo went to the Valley of Sulfur to see what was going on. Suddenly, however, a squad of Gore aliens appears and arrests him. It is not a monster, but a young girl named Andrea who is in command. Andrea, following in the footsteps of her father, who was a soldier, is willing to lay down her life for the sake of battle, but Kugo warns her not to take life lightly. The two become friends in the fight together, and the queen appears before them…

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Translation Thoughts

My apologies for taking a long time to upload this episode. This episode was ready two weeks ago, but Anidex has been down since. AnimeTosho only scrapes from Nyaa (which doesn’t allow registrations), Anidex (which is down), and Tokyo Toshokan, which wasn’t accepting my torrents. Most people watch my releases through AnimeTosho because sites that stream anime use AnimeTosho as a source, as well as many add-ons to popular streaming applications like Stremio and Kodi.

Eventually, I realized that Tokyo Toshokan didn’t like my torrents because they were “hybrid.” I recreated the torrent as V1, and it worked.

I don’t think Anidex is coming back anytime soon.

The fifth planet is called ゴア GOA, which sounds like Gore. I know it’s not a pretty name, but I couldn’t come up with something better.

At 2:54 Kugo says:

なんて殺風景な星なんだ. 奇麗のどこじゃねーか
Nante sappuukei na hoshi na nda. Kirei no doko ja nee ka
What a bleak planet! Where’s the beauty?

Kugo is referring to the fact that the planet looks medieval and has no technology. He doesn’t think it is beautiful, but rather simple and lame. The word 殺風景 sappukei means “bleak”, “dreary” or “tasteless”.

When Kugo arrives in the Valley of Sulfur, he says:

Sou ka SOFURAN to wa iou no koto ka
I see, SOFURAN means sulfur.

Kugo doesn’t know what the English word sulfur (フラン SOFURAN) means. He heard フラン SOFURAN before but didn’t know what it was. Then he realizes the valley is full of sulfur (硫黄 iou). I translated this line to “I see why this is called the Sulfur Valley”.

SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 4 (68/73)

The Unforgivable Little Devil

Kugo and his friends arrived on Topaznia, a beautiful planet surrounded by lush greenery. However, children are nowhere to be seen, and the townspeople refuse to answer their questions. Princess Aurora becomes suspicious and visits the school, but is almost turned away by the principal, who tells her that there are no monsters on this planet. Indeed, the children are given good food and live without any inconvenience. Hakka, who loves children, becomes friends with a boy named Pico, but Kugo, who is suspicious, explores the school in his micro transformation and uncovers a terrible truth that has been hidden!

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Translation Thoughts

This is the episode I liked the most from Starzinger II. I’m not sure why, though, but to me, it was entertaining and interesting.

The girl that’s being tortured looks exactly like Sayaka Yumi from Mazinger Z, maybe a little younger. No surprises here, though; both series were animated by Toei Animation.

The principal says at 13:06:

Nezumi no itazura da na
It’s a prank done by a rat.

He believes Kugo is a rat and that the rat probably chewed some cables or something and broke the machine to get energy from the kids. He then uses some insecticide to get rid of the “rat”. I’m not sure if this part was clear from the translation.

Hakka says at 19:22:

Kutabare, MONSUTAA
Drop dead, monster!

Most translators would translate くたばれ kutabare as “Fuck you!”, because it’s a very bad word. I wouldn’t, because this is supposed to be a show for kids. The direct translation is “drop dead”, since it comes from the verb くたばる kutabaru which means “to drop dead”, or “to kick the bucket”. It’s basically slang for “to die”.

It’s not usual to hear くたばれ kutabare in anime, and as far as I can recall, it’s the first time I heard it.

Here’s a nice compendium of Japanese insults. Check it out; I’m sure you’ve heard most, if not all, of them in anime.

SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 3 (67/73)

Cruelty! Tearful Slave Planet

Kugo and his friends continue their journey to the third planet, Amul. However, the planet Amul has already been ruled by the Golgore monster Geminga, and the people whose minds have been manipulated hate each other and were forced to fight each other to the death, no matter who their opponents are. When Kugo sees the two soldiers fighting, he puts them both to sleep with an anesthetic ray to stop the fighting and brings them back to the Cosmos. When Kugo is told by the Princess that the two men are father and son, he tries to stop the futile fighting.

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Translation Thoughts

The father and son have confusing names. The father’s name is Brada and the son is called Brado, as Princess Aurora tells Kugo at 18:06:

Ano BURADA to BURADO wa oyako nan desu
Brada and Brado are father and son

親子 oyako means “parent and child”.

I think this is the first time that Kugo uses ウルトラ分身 URUTORA bunshin “Ultra Clone”, creating a lot of clones of himself at the same time.

At 5:33 Brada says:

Mada wakai wa aonisai-mei
You’re still young, greenhorn

The word 青二才 aoinisai means “greenhorn” or someone who is still inexperienced or immature.

SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 2 (66/73)

Monster! Fight, Princess Aurora

The Cosmos headed for the second planet in the Golgore system. Kugo descends in the Starcrow and is mistaken for a god by the inhabitants who worship the Great Planet. Their village appears peaceful at first glance, but in fact it is ruled by a monster named Big Mar, who forces them to produce food. Kugo and the others head for Big Mar’s cave in pursuit of a young man who is trying to rescue his girlfriend, but he has all of his weapons taken away by the monster’s whip. Moreover, even Princess Aurora is taken prisoner!

You can download the torrent file from Anidex or Anirena, or get direct links from AnimeTosho.

Translation Thoughts

Hakka says this word a couple of times:


It means “outrageous”, “unforgivable”, “inexcusable”, things like that. You can hear it at 6:35 when he says this funny line:

Hoka no kotonara izashirazu kuimono no koto to naccha yurusenee ze keshikaran
I don’t care if it’s about other things, but when it comes to food, it’s unforgivable! Outrageous!

Every time Assistant Professor Dodge wants to say “stupid”, he says どじ doji (which sounds like his name), and he never uses a different word for it. It’s really funny! He has always done this since the first episode. He says at 13:35:

Kore wa hito mata nanika doji yarakashita njan
He must have done something stupid again

And in 14:23:

Kono doji! doji!
You idiot! idiot!

Those little things always get lost in translation.

At 15:33 Dodge says:

Docchi ja nai, doji da
It’s not Dodge, it’s Dork!

He got confused this time, and Kugo says:

Kono hou ga kotaeta
What this person replied

That’s the direct translation, but you can tell it’s like saying “Whatever you say” or “As you say”. Kugo is laughing at it, obviously.

You might notice several characters say バビンの木 BABIN no ki, which means Babyn wood, or Babyn tree, depending on the context. There’s an example at 16:37:

Minna BABIN no ki o kezutte yari o tsukuru n ja
Everyone, carve Babyn wood to make spears!

They don’t explain what “Babyn” is, but I think from the context of the whole episode that these trees are native to the planet Babylon, where they are, and have a poisonous sap that can hurt the Golgore monster.

Since that’s my assumption, I added a translator’s note in the episode because I know not everyone is going to come to this website to read these notes. This is the first time I’ve done it on this show.

Hakka breaks the fourth wall in this episode!

SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 1 (65/73)

Big Transformation! Jan Kugo

Kugo and his friends are called back to the Great Planet and reunited with Princess Aurora. They are asked by Professor Kitty to rescue the people of the Golgore system, a remote star system where Galaxy Energy cannot reach, from the hands of monsters. Princess Aurora, who sees her own past in Golgore’s princess, Frene, sets off again on the Cosmos to bring peace to the people. Arriving at the first planet, the group is attacked by the Golgore monster Dragon. Kugo confronts this unknown enemy with new powers given to him by Assistant Professor Dodge!

You can download the torrent file from Anidex or Anirena, or get direct links from AnimeTosho.

Translation Thoughts

A new series! If you can call nine episodes a series. You could also say it’s the final arc of the whole series.

There’s a new opening and a new ending. If you watched Spaceketeers in the US or El Galáctico in Latin America, you would immediately recognize this opening because it was the one that was used in both versions. Although in Latin America the opening was mirrored for some reason, the scenes were not in the same order and also contained some scenes from the ending as well.

Isn’t it ironic that Princess Aurora, even with the help of three very powerful cyborgs, took 64 episodes to reach the Great Planet, but Professor Kitty and Assistant Professor Dodge managed to get there in half an episode by themselves with no help whatsoever?

You can see that the Queen of the Great Planet is still alive since she talks to everybody at 16:37. That’s why Aurora is still a princess, and not Queen Aurora.

The new star system is called ゴルゴア GORUGOA, which sounds closer to “Golgore” in English. But it might well be “Gorgoa”. I thought “Golgore” is a better English adaptation, so that’s what I used.

Now Kugo has a new skill called アストロ・変身 ASUTORO henshin Astro Transformation. From now on, he’s pretty much the only one who can fight the Golgore monsters, and the other two won’t help too much. Also, the Princess can now use Galaxy Energy as a weapon with her new helmet. That makes her more helpful than Hakka and Jogo.

SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 64

Fly! Towards the Great Planet

The Cosmos, which is about to reach the Great Planet, is chased by a mysterious black cloud and escapes to the Great Planet’s moon. The black cloud turns out to be an electrical energy particle monster, but it is a great struggle for our heroes against such an elusive opponent. Kugo is reunited with Bellamis during the battle, and they take a temporary truce to confront their powerful enemy. The only way to defeat the particle monster is to destroy its core with electromagnetic energy. Bellamis risks her life to face the monster, carrying the wishes of those who have lost their planets!

You can download the torrent file from Anidex or Anirena, or get direct links from AnimeTosho.

Translation Thoughts

And we have just reached the final episode of SF Saiyuki Starzinger! But don’t leave just yet; we still have to watch the nine episodes of SF Saiyuki Starzinger II to reach 73 total episodes of this show.

But if I’m being honest, I would’ve preferred if the show ended in this episode, around the 23:15 mark. The remaining nine episodes weren’t necessary. And I wonder, why were there just nine episodes?

Once again, Kugo is giving me headaches. I’m not really sure of what he says at 3:35:

なんだなんだ、もうすぐじゃねえかよ! きちまったら吐けねえもんだな! え?
Nanda nanda, mousugu ja nee ka yo! Ki chimattara hake nee monda na! E?
What? What? We’re almost there! I can’t throw up once I’m there, right?

He obviously says something nasty because of Hakka’s reaction to the comment, but I’m really not sure that’s what he says there. I’m 50% sure.

At 15:28, Princess Aurora says:

Are wa kou ryuushi no MONSUTAA desu
That’s a monster made of light particles

But then she says:

Are wa denji ENERUGII o motsu ryuushi no MONSUTAA desu
That’s a monster made of electrical energy particles

So what is it, Aurora? Because it’s not the same thing, you know. Is that energy made of photons (light particles), hence light? Or is it made of electrons (electrical particles), and it’s electricity?

Here’s something I totally forgot to talk about back in Episode 40. At 16:10, Bellamis says:

KUUGO, watashi no ken wa denji ken na no da
Kugo, my sword is an electric sword

The only time Bellamis have referred to her sword before this was in Episode 40, at 13:37. At that time I thought that “electric sword” was lame and that “electronic sword” was weird. So I deliberately changed the translation to “electromagnetic sword” because it sounded cool. To be consistent, I also used “electromagnetic” in this episode. But if you want to be a purist, keep in mind that it has always been an “electric sword”.

Bellamis says at 16:32:

Tatta 1-nichi, iya 1-jikan demo ii, watashi wa
Even if it’s just for a day or an hour, I…

And at 17:04:

Tatta 1-nichi, iya 1-jikan demo ii. Heiwana toki ni anata ni aitakatta. 
Even if it was just for a day or an hour, I wish I could’ve met you in peacetime.

Yes, that means what you think it means.

At 20:09, Princess Aurora says:

Soshite daiou sei no jou wa kore kara itsumo soba ni
And the Queen of the Great Planet, who will always be by my side from now on

Are you sure, Aurora? Because that’s not how it works! The Queen will die, and you will become the Queen of the Great Planet.