SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 1 (65/73)

Big Transformation! Jan Kugo

Kugo and his friends are called back to the Great Planet and reunited with Princess Aurora. They are asked by Professor Kitty to rescue the people of the Golgore system, a remote star system where Galaxy Energy cannot reach, from the hands of monsters. Princess Aurora, who sees her own past in Golgore’s princess, Frene, sets off again on the Cosmos to bring peace to the people. Arriving at the first planet, the group is attacked by the Golgore monster Dragon. Kugo confronts this unknown enemy with new powers given to him by Assistant Professor Dodge!

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Translation Thoughts

A new series! If you can call nine episodes a series. You could also say it’s the final arc of the whole series.

There’s a new opening and a new ending. If you watched Spaceketeers in the US or El Galáctico in Latin America, you would immediately recognize this opening because it was the one that was used in both versions. Although in Latin America the opening was mirrored for some reason, the scenes were not in the same order and also contained some scenes from the ending as well.

Isn’t it ironic that Princess Aurora, even with the help of three very powerful cyborgs, took 64 episodes to reach the Great Planet, but Professor Kitty and Assistant Professor Dodge managed to get there in half an episode by themselves with no help whatsoever?

You can see that the Queen of the Great Planet is still alive since she talks to everybody at 16:37. That’s why Aurora is still a princess, and not Queen Aurora.

The new star system is called ゴルゴア GORUGOA, which sounds closer to “Golgore” in English. But it might well be “Gorgoa”. I thought “Golgore” is a better English adaptation, so that’s what I used.

Now Kugo has a new skill called アストロ・変身 ASUTORO henshin Astro Transformation. From now on, he’s pretty much the only one who can fight the Golgore monsters, and the other two won’t help too much. Also, the Princess can now use Galaxy Energy as a weapon with her new helmet. That makes her more helpful than Hakka and Jogo.