SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 6 (70/73)

Kugo vs Fake Kugo

Dragon, a monster once defeated by Kugo, disguised himself as Kugo in revenge and launched an attack on the planet Spalleta. He severely injures the king’s son, whose father refuses to submit to Princess Aurora, and instills hatred in the people. Unaware of this, Kugo is attacked for a crime he does not know anything about. On the condition that Jogo becomes a hostage, Kugo takes it upon himself to capture the impostor, but if he fails to catch the real culprit, Jogo will be killed!

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Translation Thoughts

If you have trouble differentiating the two Kugos, the fake one speaks faster and in a slightly higher pitch, but is very noticeable. That makes him harder to translate too, at least for me.

At 11:12 Kugo says:

Aitsu wa DORAGA-sei de deatta tatsumaki MONSUTAA ni chigainai yo
That must be the tornado monster we encountered on Planet Dragon

Honestly, they never called the first planet “Planet Dragon” anywhere until now, but the first monster was indeed called Dragon, and it is the same monster. I translated it as “first planet”. Jogo also mentions this earlier, at 9:58.