SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 63

Beyond the Space Storm!

Kugo and his team had passed through the Atlantis system. However, their relief was short-lived, as they were informed by Assistant Professor Dodge that the remaining amount of Galaxy Energy they had been radiating toward the sun was running low. They have two days of sunlight left. After that, they don’t know what will happen to the solar system. Kugo and the others rushed to the Great Planet, but they encountered a tornado in the gaseous nebula and had to flee into an asteroid to weather the storm. As the group takes a brief rest, an amoeba-like object looms ominously over them!

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Translation Thoughts

We’re getting close to the end of Starzinger. One more episode to go.

Remember that after that, we have to watch nine episodes of Starzinger II.

At 7:55 Kugo says:

Uzu ga hageshiku natta dake desu yo
The vortex just got more intense.

I didn’t like the word “vortex” but he says that. Kugo means they are inside some kind of gas whirlpool.

Now that I think about it, I could have used “whirlpool”.

Eventually, it gets worse and turns into a gas tornado. Jogo confirms it at 8:14:

すごい渦さ いやこれは竜巻だ
Sugoi uzu sa… iya kore wa tatsumaki da
It’s an amazing vortex… No, it’s a tornado!

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