SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 62

The Undersea Planet Atlantis

Kugo followed the Cosmos, but its whereabouts were unknown. The Cosmos crash-lands on the undersea planet Atlantis and destroys a statue of its guardian god. The Princess is taken by surprise by soldiers and becomes a captive. Hakka and Jogo are also taken captive, held in prison, and in desperate straits. Gills, who has been controlling Atlantis with his earthquake generator, decides to put Princess Aurora on trial for witchcraft and have her drowned in the sacrificial pit!

You can download the torrent file from Anidex or Anirena, or get direct links from AnimeTosho.

Translation Thoughts

The planet Atlantis is basically a hollow planet whose atmosphere is water. The city is underground. To get into the city, the Cosmos has to go through the water surrounding the planet and then through a crack or hole in the ground. It’s confusing at first. Jogo tries to explain it, but I think he falls short.

Obviously, the writers of the show got the name Atlantis from the Greek island mentioned in some of Plato’s work, which some believe to be under the water somewhere.

At first, I got the following line wrong: Prince Gills says at 11:36:

Majo de nakereba ikanaru suisen-me ni mo taerareru hazu da

The problem here is the word すいせん suisen. If it’s 水煎 suisen then the translation would be “Unless you’re a witch, you’ll be able to withstand any boiling water”.

But after watching the episode, you realize that the water is not hot. So the correct word is 水洗 suisen which means “being flushed or rinsed with water”. That way, the direct translation is “Unless you’re a witch, you’ll be able to withstand being flushed with water”.

Then at 14:38, Prince Gills says:

Moshi omae ga hontou ni majo de nakereba obore shinu koto wa nai hazu
Unless you’re a witch, you won’t drown.

Now this makes no sense at all since there’s no way a human can withstand that amount of water, and the Princess is definitely going to drown. She literally says so immediately after that:

Sore wa rikutsu ni aimasen
That makes no sense!

7 thoughts to “SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 62”

    1. ¡Hola! La razón es que quisiera terminar este año, pero lo veo difícil. Capaz me queden uno o dos episodios para el 2024. Ya veremos.

  1. 1: awesome work. Thank you so much!

    2: I still hope you reconsider appending your translation comments to the torrents as a txt file or something.

    3: wikipedia says this series has 73 episodes. The version I got here, without english subs, has 73 episodes. But yours, on animetosho it says only 64. What happened?

    PS: I can understand the secret language you and Stratolily were using 🙂

    1. Officially, it’s two different shows:

      SF Saiyuki Starzinger: 64 episodes
      SF Saiyuki Starzinger II: 9 episodes

      Some websites have it correctly, others consider it one single show of 73 episodes. But they are two totally different shows, and they are about different things. Starzinger is about going to the Great Planet. Starzinger II is about saving the Golgore star system, which is really far away and out of reach from receiving Galaxy Energy from the Great Planet (if I remember correctly). The planets in this system are full of Golgore monsters, which are some very huge monsters.

      I’m going to follow the official numbering of 1979 even though that was officially changed years later when it was released on VHS I guess. So it’ll be:

      SF Saiyuki Starzinger: from 1 to 64
      SF Saiyuki Starzinger: from 1 to 9

      1. Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining.

        It is not that I was being lazy or anything like that, but I was too afraid of spoilers to google for more info.

        Glad to hear you will be doing Starzinger II too. You are awesome!

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