SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 61

Launch! Kitty’s Laboratory

Monsters reanimated from dinosaur fossils invade the Kitty Research Institute. Kugo and his best friend Mori protect Professor Kitty, but their last hope, the Galactic Antenna, is destroyed. Professor Kitty has no choice but to launch the entire laboratory into space, where she can radiate Galaxy Energy toward the sun. Kugo and Mori patrol the evacuation center and fight the reappearing monsters. However, Mori loses his life in the process.

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Translation Thoughts

I’m never 100% sure of what Kugo says, especially when he’s angry or agitated. I know I’ve said this too many times. The same thing happens with Hakka.

I believe Kugo says at 5:27:

Kaseki no kuse ni chokomaka ugoku nai
You’re a fossil! Don’t move around!

It’s something along those lines. He’s saying that fossils are not supposed to move but to be still.

Mori says at 7:24:

Tote fukusen kiremasen
I can’t foreshadow it

He’s saying he can’t guess how many dinosaurs are out there. I changed that line a little bit; I didn’t like the word “foreshadow” in this context.

Here’s a line I know I should have changed, but I didn’t. A little later, Mori says:

KITI-hakase wa zettai shina sete wa naranai hito nanda
Professor Kitty is someone who should never be allowed to die

A professional translator would have said, “That sounds weird in English. We should change it to «We cannot allow Princess Kitty to die at any cost.»“. Maybe.

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