SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 60

Here it comes! Earth’s Last Day

Solar heat began to decrease because of the decline of the galaxy’s energy. As a result, abnormal weather occurs all over the world. Cities are destroyed by the sudden appearance of dinosaurs. Princess Aurora learns of the abnormalities and fears for Professor Kitty’s safety, while Kugo heads for Earth with Princess Aurora’s consent. In an effort to suppress the decline of solar heat, the institute rushed the construction of the Galactic Antenna. Meanwhile, dinosaurs attack the laboratory. Can Kugo protect the antenna, the last hope for mankind?

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Translation Thoughts

At this point, I’m sure you know that Kugo always calls Professor Dodge (ドッジ Dojji) a dork (ドジ Doji). The word ドジ Doji can be a noun, like “dork”, or it can also be an adjective, like “clumsy”. ドジやらかした Doji yarakashita means “to make a stupid mistake”.

In this episode he makes a funny pun with both words at 2:12:

Mata DOJJI jokyouju ga DOJI yarakashita nja nee no ka
Did Assistant Professor Dodge screw up again?

Assistant Professor Dodge even calls his employees like that at 10:26:

Omae wa nani o yattenda kono DOJI-me
What the hell are you guys doing? You dorks!

And this exchange is pure comedy gold:

Hayaku daijina ANTENA nanda
Hurry up! It’s an important antenna!

Attara jokyouju atchi itte kudasai yo
In that case, Assistant Professor, please go over there


Soko de GYAAGYAA iwareru to kigatsuite dame nan desu yo
Because if you’re over there you won’t scream at us!

The word ギャーギャーGYAAGYAA is an onomatopoeia that means “scream”.

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