SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 59

The Mystery of the Ancient Planet

The Cosmos receives a signal for an SOS. It seems that there is a ship trapped on some planet. Since the Cosmos needs to correct its orbit in order to get there, Kugo heads for the site in his Starcrow. Kugo is attracted by the planet’s gravitational pull and is suddenly attacked by a group of strange soldiers. He escapes the attack and is reunited with Bellamis, who tells him that the strange soldiers are foreign troops of Gyuma’s army who are being hypnotized by a divine statue called Mandragon. So he and Bellamis set out to exterminate Mandragon!

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Translation Thoughts

I think this is the episode where Kugo and Bellamis interact the most. It’s clear that Kugo has some feelings for Bellamis, and he doesn’t really want to fight her. Bellamis, on the other hand, has decided to fight Kugo and beat him one day. That’s what she always says, but looking at her eyes when she looks at Kugo makes you think she might want something else.

It’s time for you to decide who should end up with Kugo:


At 12:44 Hakka says:

Unadon sanchou daishikyuu
Three bowls of eel and rice, ASAP

うな丼 Unadon is a popular Japanese dish.

Hakka doesn’t like when the Princess worries about Kugo, and he said that he was hungry, so that’s what he says on the radio when he’s supposed to call Kugo.

At 16:40 Kugo says:

BERAMISU, nokori no isei wa ore no masui kousen de nemura sete yaru ka
Bellamis, should I put the rest of the aliens to sleep with my paralyzing beam?

This is the first time Kugo says “Paralyzer Beam” in Japanese. He says 麻酔光線 masui kousen, which means “paralyzing beam”, or maybe more accurately “anesthetic beam”. He always says “Paralyzer Beam” in English.

2 thoughts to “SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 59”

  1. Finally confirmation, that “trizer beam” was “Paralyzer Beam” all along! Thank you for your hard work! What a star-crossed romance! Based on the first episodes I was convinced all this series will ever be is silly space monsters.

    1. That’s right! Kugo never said “trizer” though, that’s something that I guess ILA came up with at the time. He says パライザー・ビーム PARAIZAA BIIMU which sounds like “palizer”. It also appears in the Japanese Wikipedia like that.

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