SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 58

Edra, Queen of Illusions

Princess Aurora receives a message from the Queen of the Great Planet. But is it really from the Great Planet? The group heads for the queen’s palace, unable to shake off their doubts. Then, Princess Aurora disappears right in front of Kugo and the others. Sure enough, the planet was not the Great Planet. The queen’s name is Edra, the ruler of the planet Argo. She has lost her home planet in the battle against Gyuma’s army, and in order to restore it, she enslaves Princess Aurora and tries to monopolize the Galaxy Energy!

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Translation Thoughts

In this episode, you can see Princess Aurora defeating an enemy using her Galaxy Energy. I think it’s the second time I’ve seen her do that, the first being on episode 18.

Kugo says at 7:35:

Chakuriku taisei ni hairu zo
We’re going into landing gear.

I struggled a little with that line, and I didn’t like the final result. It literally says “We are entering into the landing posture”, or something along those lines. You could translate that to “Let’s get ready to land”, or “Let’s begin the landing”.

At 14:05 Professor Kitty says:

OURORA-tachi wa maboroshi no daiou sei o miserareta ni chigai arimasen
Aurora and the others must have seen a phantom Great Planet

The word 幻 maboroshi means “illusion” or “vision”. The title of this episode uses this word (幻の女王 maboroshi no joou), but I couldn’t find a way to use it to describe that this Great Planet is a fake one, an illusion.

The problem is that the word for “illusion” in Japanese is an adjective, so it can be used to modify nouns. In English, the word “illusion” is a noun, so you have to come up with some similar adjective to modify the noun “Great Planet”:

  • Phantom Great Planet
  • Fictitious Great Planet
  • Unreal Great Planet
  • Fake Great Planet (this one isn’t that bad, actually)
  • Deceptive Great Planet
  • … et cetera.

The best I could come up with is “phantom planet”. But it doesn’t really mean it’s a ghost planet, because that may sound like it is haunted. Just keep in mind It’s just an illusion.

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