SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 55

The Battle of the Gilara Star System

Princess Aurora is trapped in a cave by Prince Gaima. The ceiling and walls could collapse at any moment. After discovering the Princess’ whereabouts, Kugo and the others go to rescue her, but the entrance is buried, so Hakka has to dig through the ground to get to her. Prince Gaima is furious when he learns that Princess Aurora is still alive, and attacks again with the Space Shark. Kugo rushes forward with the Starcrow to settle the matter!

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Translation Thoughts

Hakka says his funniest “Starbood, launch!” in this episode. Actually, this episode is full of Hakka’s goofiness.

Also, it seems that Starbood wanted to take the Princess with it and leave Hakka behind. This was very funny. But it’s interesting that Starbood decided to take a different route at some point.

Gaima is really intimidating. At 7:37 he says:

Dekinai youdattara kisama no kubi wa tonde iru tokoroda
If they can’t, your head will be flying

If the triple cannon can’t be repaired, Prince Gaima will just cut off the captain’s head and send it flying. How charming!

5 thoughts to “SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 55”

  1. Genial! mas capitulos, muchas gracias…

    podría sugerirte como futuro proyecto: Rainbow Sentai Robin…Super Jetter…space patrol hopper…marino y la patrulla oceanica (Kaitei Shōnen Marin)

    son series que disrutaba en la tv a banco y negro de pequeño! pero quisiera poder disrfutarla de nuevo en audio original y con subtitulos!

    1. De las series que mencionas sólo conozco la última, las demás son bien desconocidas y en anidb.net todas tienen rating de 3/10 y supongo esa es la razón por las que nadie las ha subtitulado jejeje.

      Aún no estoy muy convencido que quiera pasar dos años más subtitulando otra cosa. ¡Ya veremos!


  2. With all the time and energy it must have taken, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to start another series… but are you still thinking of doing Starzinger II?
    Otherwise, if you feel like continuing with Leiji Matsumoto, there’s Saint Elmo, which I don’t think has ever been translated and which only lasts an hour!
    In any case, thanks from the French fans of the Leijiverse for your work.

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