SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 54

Desperate Situation! Princess Aurora

Kugo and his friends have fallen into Prince Gaima’s trap and have been separated from Princess Aurora. He rushes to go after her, but he cannot use the Crow Belt because it may cause an explosion of the hydrogen spectrum. Princess Aurora, who had escaped to an asteroid, is approached by the Space Shark. She takes advantage of the fact that she has only one-tenth the weight to deceive her enemies, but Prince Gaima finds her. Princess Aurora escapes into a cave, but there is nowhere to run. What is Kugo going to do?

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Translation Thoughts

Every time the Princess is in danger, she always asks Kugo for help. She clearly has a favorite, doesn’t she? This makes me feel bad for the other two cyborgs, who are also supposed to be in love with the Princess. They have no chance; when she’s in a pinch, she only thinks about Kugo being the prince who is going to rescue her. And he always does.

I think this is the episode where Aurora has the most dialogue.

At 6:34 Princess Aurora says:

Tsuki no hyoumen no juuryoku kasokudo wa 16. 6% dakara tsuki no hyoumen yori karuku nareru hazu da wa
The gravitational acceleration on the surface of the Moon is 16.6%, so I should be lighter than if I were on the surface of the Moon.

The word Moon is capitalized here because Princess Aurora is talking about the Earth’s moon, which is named Moon. The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the Moon is in fact 16.6%, so Princess Aurora made her homework. She was born there anyway, so this must be general knowledge that is taught in Moon’s schools.

We’re good so far, right? Then she says:

Moshi juuyoku kasokudo ga chikyuu no 10% ikanara watashi no taijuu wa 1-KIRO ni mo mitanai koto ni naru
If the gravitational acceleration is less than 10% of Earth’s, then I’d weigh less than 1 Kg.

Even though the writers tried their best to be accurate about gravity in space, Princess Aurora can’t weigh less than 1 kilogram on an asteroid that has 10% of Earth’s gravity. Let’s say Princess Aurora weighs 50 kilograms because she looks like she would weigh just 50 kilograms. Her weight on the surface of the Moon would be 8.25 kilograms, and her weight on the asteroid would be 5 kilograms.

If Princess Aurora weighs less than one kilogram on an asteroid where its acceleration due to gravity is 10% of Earth’s, that means she weighs less than 10 kilograms on Earth!

I knew she was a little on the thin side! I once had a German Shepherd that weighed four times more than her! And he was lean! Not to mention that if she weighs less than one kilogram on the surface of that asteroid, she couldn’t be running like that.

And it’s simply amazing how Princess Aurora can breathe everywhere in space! She’s only human.

I understand this is a show for kids and some flexibility is allowed, but this episode was insane.

I believe the Bi-Tank is called like that because it’s able to fly and drive at the same time.

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