SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 56

Fierce Duel! Kugo vs. Gaima

The Space Shark is disabled. The soldiers who lost the will to fight were executed in rage, leaving only Prince Gaima on board. He escapes in his mecha-robot Hydra and approaches the Cosmos. Kugo and his men send the Princess to the Great Planet while they stay behind to confront Hydra. There is no way to defeat the mighty Hydra even if they fight separately, and the only way to win is for all three of them to jump into its bosom simultaneously. Can they successfully defeat Hydra and Prince Gaima’s ambitions?

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Translation Thoughts

This is the final episode of the Prince Gaima arc and the last arc of the series. From now on, we’re back to the episodic style of Starzinger until our friends reach the Great Planet in the last episode. Remember, Starzinger has only 64 episodes. The last nine episodes are Starzinger II, a different series.

The following line is supposed to make you cry, and if it didn’t, then I failed as a translator:

Anata-tachi san-nin ga tsuite kureru ndesu mono
The three of you will follow me

Princess Aurora says that no matter what happens to her, the three cyborgs will come to rescue her. I thought that a better translation would be “The three of you will be there for me”, since it would better express Aurora’s feelings. Another one that’s good is “The three of you are always there for me”.

Also, remember this line:

The Galaxy Energy is love

If I remember correctly, this line is going to be repeated many times from now on until the end of the show. Remember that Galaxy Energy is the fuel used to restore the galaxy’s energy. I’ve explained this before in episode 40.

At 20:05 I believe Kugo says:

Shiyouga nee yo. Shujinkou ato kara toujou suru ka
It can’t be helped. Maybe the main character appears later?

I’m not 100% sure of that line. If that’s what he’s saying, he’s referring to himself and will participate in the fight later. He does, indeed.

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