SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 36

The Guy Who Lost His Planet!

The Cosmos took refuge from the magnetic storm on the planet Lambda, where it rescued a small spacecraft. Bellamis, who emerged from inside that spacecraft, challenged Kugo to a duel. With Bellamis’ feather-like grace and exquisite swordsmanship, they were both evenly matched. Meanwhile, Queen Lassetz sends an order to the Lambda base to capture Princess Aurora. Missiles hit them all. As Kugo escapes from the planet, he accidentally injures Bellamis’ pet, Mew.

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Translation Thoughts

In this episode, Bellamis is introduced. Bellamis is a cyborg who was a very popular character of this show back in the 1970s when it was aired. Also, Bellamis is as strong as Kugo, and they would be evenly matched in a fight.

But Bellamis has a secret! Some of you might already know it or probably remember it from when you watched the show back then. It’ll be revealed in Episode 40.

I probably said this before, but I usually try to translate as literally as possible from Japanese, but in this episode I had to modify several lines so they could actually mean something in English. There are too many to write about them all here.

I’m going to show you one about the most basic Japanese there is. At 15:38, Bellamis says:

omae ga aite ka?
Are you available?

In this context, Bellamis is asking Kugo if he decided to be the opponent. But Bellamis uses お前 omae, which is very offensive between strangers. As I’m sure you know, お前 omae means “you”.

Kugo replies:

お前じゃないよ, ジャンクゴだ
omae ja nai yo, Jan Kugo da
It’s not “omae”, it’s Jan Kugo.

The direct translation would be it’s not “you”, it’s Jan Kugo, which obviously doesn’t work at all in English. What he’s trying to say is I’m not “omae”, I’m Jan Kugo, meaning Bellamis shouldn’t use お前 omae to address Kugo, since they are not friends.

If you watch the episode, you’ll see how I changed the whole interaction to an insult, since Bellamis is using お前 omae on purpose to offend Kugo.

At 23:09 Kugo says:

pinpin shiteta

Another onomatopoeia! Don’t you love these? ぴんぴん means “lively”, “energetic”, “vigorous”, things like that.

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