SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 35

The Heart of a Ferocious Monster

King Gyuma plotted to use a matter transfer machine to get his hands on Princess Aurora. His subordinate, Captain Galia, sees the offensive power of the monster Prigmer and comes up with the idea of using her child as a hostage. Kugo and Hakka struggle against the powerful attacks of Prigmer, who cares for her kid. Upon learning of the situation, Princess Aurora goes to Galia as a decoy herself to save Prigmer’s child!

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Translation Thoughts

The real name of the monster and the planet where it lives is ブリグマ BURIGUMA, and it should be translated as Brigmer. But since in Japanese the B sound is very similar to the P sound, I translated it as Prigmer because it sounds better in English, in my opinion. As you might have noticed throughout the series, I always try to give English names to the characters since they all have foreign names. There is not a single Japanese name in this show.

At 3:37, Jogo says an interesting phrase:

いや, 止まったんじゃない. 止めたんだ
iya, tomatta njanai. tometa nda

This is a great example of how rich Japanese can be sometimes. The verbs 止まるtomaru and 止める tomeru both mean “to stop”. But 止まるtomaru is an intransitive verb, while 止める tomeru is a transitive one. This means 止める tomeru needs a direct object, so you can assume that somebody or something is stopping an object. Jogo saying 止めたんだ tometanda implies that the Queen Cosmos didn’t stop by itself; their engines are still running, but the Queen Cosmos is not moving forward. A gravitational force is pulling the ship with the same force that the engine is trying to move it forward, so the Queen Cosmos seems “stopped”. The only way to go is toward Planet Prigmer, where that force that is pulling the Cosmos is coming from. That’s why they decided to go: it’s the only way the Cosmos would move. Does that make sense?

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