SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 23

Love! Beyond the Galaxy

Kugo left the Cosmos with the pain of not being believed by anyone. Princess Aurora, who ordered his banishment, was also suffering, unable to understand Kugo’s behavior. Prof. Kitty, who heard what happened, revealed that the series of incidents was a trick using hyperspace transfer and discovered that the culprit was the monster Bemura, which is not a living organism. However, it is already too late, and the Cosmos has gone missing due to the Bemura. Can Kugo save the princess from Bemura’s demon hands?

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Translations Thoughts

It seems the space army of the Bemura is called “Space Dobers”. The Bemura leader says at 7:26:

スペースドーベルに攻撃命令を出す. クイーンコスモスをおびき寄せて.
SUPEESU DOUBERU ni kogeki meirei o dasu. KUIIN COSUMOSU o obikiyose te.
Give the attack order to the Space Dobers. Lure the Queen Cosmos out.

But there was a japanese toy back in the 70s called Space Dobers that were dobermans, that were part of the Microman series. The Bemura space army guys don’t look like dogs to me.

Anyway I translated it to “Space Army” at first so the audience could have a little more sense of what is going on but at the end I left the literal translation “Space Dobers”. I hope the viewers can understand that the Bemura Space Army is just called like that.

That is of course, if anyone is actually watching these episodes.

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