SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 21

Salute! The Hero of the Mud

After catching a strong energy reaction, the Cosmos landed on a planet that was already in ruins. Hakka went on a reconnaissance mission and encountered an attack force from the planet Grieg, led by Captain Lugen. Captain Lugen was trying to exterminate the subterranean monster Alingo in order to protect the safety of his people living in the underground city. Hakka asks him to avoid a futile battle, but Lugen refuses to recognize the underground monster as his equal and launches a final extermination mission using incendiary mines!

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Translation Thoughts

Since this show was mainly aimed at kids in the 70s, most of the episodes try to send a message to the children. The topic of this episode is discrimination, and that people shouldn’t discriminate against others based on where they live. I think it’s an important message.

For this episode I used some font styling so it looks a little bit more like coming from a serious fansub group, even though I’m not. It’s all about appearances!

I sincerely hope if anyone out there is actually watching these episodes that you like the new fonts and style.

I also added the romaji lyrics to the songs for people that like to sing them. Sometimes I sing them, I have to admit.

I feel like I didn’t express well enough that the reason they are landing on planet Grieg is because there is a strong energy reaction in the area, and they take that chance so the princess can also rest.

Let’s take another look at what I think they’re saying, from 02:25:

Princess Aurora:
もう少しでグリーグ星のエリアに入ります, 異常ないでしょうね
mou sukoshi de GURIIGU sei no ERIA ni hairimasu, ijou nai deshou ne.
We’ll soon be entering the area of the planet Grieg, is there anything out of the ordinary?

Don Hakka:
iie, betsu ni
No, not really

Sir Jogo:
Sonna koto wa nai hazuda ze
That can’t be true / That shouldn’t be the case.
(Jogo is trying to say that there is actually something weird out there).

Don Hakka:
Iiya, sonna baka na
No, that’s ridiculous.
(Hakka is trying to say that it’s ridiculous there’s something out there, he hasn’t seen anything yet).

Jan Kugo:
Oi, nanda kore wa?
Hey, what’s this?
(Now the Cosmos’ computer is detecting the anomaly).

Don Hakka:
Kanari kyouretsu na ENERUGII hannou da
It’s a pretty intense energy reaction.

Jan Kugo:
ENERUGII hannou?
Energy reaction?

Sir Jogo:
しかし長いことひこう続けたんだ, グリーグ星でした休みしないと姫が疲れてしまう
Shikashi, nagai koto hikou tsuzuketa nda, GURIIGU sei deshita yasumi shinaito hime ga tsukarete shimau
But we’ve been flying for a long time, if we don’t take a rest on Planet Grieg the princess will be tired.

So as you can see it’s not really clear from direct translations that the energy reaction is the cause that Jogo doesn’t want to continue until it clears maybe, and he takes the opportunity to land so the princess can rest for a while. That meaning is like… lost in translation I guess. That’s the best I could do.

I wonder if professional translators are well paid, because this is so tough.

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