SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 20

Even Small Planets Have a Sun

The Cosmos is attacked by a monster glory flower shaped plant monster. Kugo and Hakka go out to fight it, but they are entangled by the strong vines, and the Cosmos is pulled by a planet’s gravity, forcing them to make an emergency landing. Kugo goes out to check on the situation and helps Malt, a boy who was fighting the monster. Malt, whose beloved friend Luna was killed by the monster, had vowed to avenge her death with his own hands and had been fighting alone. Kugo hopes that Malt, who reminds him of himself when he was a kid, will somehow be able to fulfil his promise to Luna.

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Translation Thoughts

Being the lazy person that I am, when I started working on episode 17 I just copy/pasted the songs from somewhere and gave a poor translation based on what I got. Since I’ve been noticing a lot of grammar errors and typos after each release, I decided to do proper QA on this episode and watch it from its very beginning.

That’s when I notice both songs had a lot of errors! Wrong kanji causing wrong translations, and it was a mess.

For the opening, well, the lyrics are just there in the video. Nothing you can do. The song is called スタージンガー のうた Starzinger no uta.

Here are the lyrics:

狭いもんだよ 銀河系
Semai mon da yo gingakei
星の彼方に 夢を持て
Hoshi no kanata ni yume o mote
ひとつ世界を とび出せば
Hitotsu sekai o tobidaseba
胸もふくらむ 血もおどる
Mune mo fukuramu chi mo odoru

ジャソジャソやろうぜ! ジャソク-ゴ
Jan Jan yarou ze! Jan Kugo
Don Don ikou ze! Don Hakka
Saa Saa ganbare! Saa Jogo

ジャソ·ドン·サ- ジャソ·ドン·サ-
Jan · Don · Saa Jan · Don · Saa
俺たち やらなきゃ だれがやる!
Ore-tachi yaranakya dare ga yaru!
ジャソ·ドン·サ- ジャソ·ドン·サ-
Jan · Don · Saa Jan · Don · Saa
俺たち やらなきゃ だれがやる!
Ore-tachi yaranakya dare ga yaru!

For the ending song I really had my doubts if they say 見られない mirarenai or いられない irarenai. So I decided to look for another version with higher quality audio and I found this mostly weird but very funny karaoke video. It’s definitely いられない irarenai.

The song is called 姫のためなら Hime no tame ni, and these are the lyrics:

青く輝く 月よりも
Aoku kagayaku tsuki yori mo

姫はまことに 美しい
Hime wa makoto ni utsukushii

じっと見つめる 眼差しは
Jitto mitsumeru manazashi wa

胸にズキリと 突き刺さる
Mune ni zukiri to tsukisasaru

あ~あ~ 堪らない 堪らない
Aa~ Aa~ tamaranai tamaranai

とても暴れちゃ いられない
Totemo abarecha irarenai

姫のためなら 姫のためなら
Hime no tame nara hime no tame nara

宇宙の果てまで 飛んでゆく
Uchuu no hate made tonde yuku

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  1. Bonjour,

    Je suis super excité par les épisodes de Starzinger que vous traduisez.
    Je suis le webmaster d’un site consacré aux personnages de Leiji Matsumoto (en français) et la série Starzinger est l’une des rares que je n’avais jamais vue.

    J’espère que vous pourrez aller jusqu’au bout.
    Merci encore.

      1. Au contraire !

        Je fais partie de la communauté Tokinowa qui regroupe les fans et surtout les webmasters de sites francophones consacrés à Leiji Matsumoto et chaque sortie de vos épisodes est annoncée dans la partie réservée aux membres privilégiés du forum.

        Bonne continuation


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