SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 3 (67/73)

Cruelty! Tearful Slave Planet

Kugo and his friends continue their journey to the third planet, Amul. However, the planet Amul has already been ruled by the Golgore monster Geminga, and the people whose minds have been manipulated hate each other and were forced to fight each other to the death, no matter who their opponents are. When Kugo sees the two soldiers fighting, he puts them both to sleep with an anesthetic ray to stop the fighting and brings them back to the Cosmos. When Kugo is told by the Princess that the two men are father and son, he tries to stop the futile fighting.

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Translation Thoughts

The father and son have confusing names. The father’s name is Brada and the son is called Brado, as Princess Aurora tells Kugo at 18:06:

Ano BURADA to BURADO wa oyako nan desu
Brada and Brado are father and son

親子 oyako means “parent and child”.

I think this is the first time that Kugo uses ウルトラ分身 URUTORA bunshin “Ultra Clone”, creating a lot of clones of himself at the same time.

At 5:33 Brada says:

Mada wakai wa aonisai-mei
You’re still young, greenhorn

The word 青二才 aoinisai means “greenhorn” or someone who is still inexperienced or immature.

One thought to “SF Saiyuki Starzinger II – Episode 3 (67/73)”

  1. I really liked this episode! It doesn’t really do anything the show hasn’t done up to now, just I feel the characters, the father and son, are better presented, and the duplicitous monster fits the theme very well. Thanks for the subs as always and enjoy the holidays!

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