SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 50

The Last Day of the Demon King Army

Queen Lassetz, who finally has Princess Aurora in her possession, sets her body as part of a supercomputer in an attempt to monopolize the Galaxy Energy. At that moment, Gyuma’s army, having learned of Lassetz’s betrayal, attacked. The battle between the two armies ensues, and the space wall collapses. Kugo takes advantage of the opportunity and manages to rescue Princess Aurora, but an enraged Lassetz sends his Neo-Robot after her. How will Kugo fight against such a powerful enemy that even the Astro Pole can’t hurt it?

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Translations Thoughts

Just one more episode for the King Gyuma – Queen Lassetz arc to end, but this is the episode that defines it all!

At 3:20 Hakka says:

クーゴ、 何もたもたしてるんだよ
Kuugo, nani motamota shiterunda yo
Kugo, why are you being so slow?

We already discussed もたもた motamota in episode 44! It means slow or inefficient.

At 15:23 Queen Lassetz is already desperate and says her most famous quote ever:

Katachi aru mono wa subete hakai shiro
Destroy everything that has a form!

Sei aru mono wa subete korosu no da
Kill anything that has a life!

In the final moments of Queen Lassetz, she mistakes Bellamis for King Gyuma, and asks him if he ever realized she was betraying him. At the end she lost her mind. That’s why Princess Aurora says:

KITI-hakase ga osshattemashita kokoro o nakushite shimatta hito-tachi wa kekkyoku ayamatta michi o ayumu shika naito
Professor Kitty said that those who have lost their minds will eventually have to go down the wrong path.

I guess she started to lose her mind when she became obsessed with capturing Aurora and taking all the Galaxy Energy for herself. It’s a sad end for both Gyuma and Lassetz.

At 22:34 Kugo says:

Bellamis, ima koso mezamete kure
Bellamis, now is the time to wake up

目覚めて mezamete from the verb 目覚める mezameru can mean either wake up literally or wake up in the sense of becoming aware of something, just like in English. Another translation would be “now is the time to open your eyes”, with the same meaning.

6 thoughts to “SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 50”

  1. ¡Felicitaciones!
    Lograste llegar a la 1era meta diría yo, la de subtitular hasta el capítulo que se dobló en español.
    De ahora delante, todos los capítulos serán inéditos.
    Una vez más, un millón de gracias por tu tremendo y dedicado trabajo.
    ¡Un abrazo!

    1. Así parece. Y en inglés tengo entendido que gxseries tradujo justo hasta este episodio también, aunque esos scripts nunca salieron a la luz y actualmente los tiene Nanto de TSHS.

      A partir de aquí es territorio nuevo para la mayoría del planeta (menos los italianos, los suecos y los koreanos creo).

      Hoy me enteré que hubo dos seiyuu para Lassetz: Nana Yamaguchi primero, y luego Yumi Nakatani. No sé cuáles episodios hizo cada quién ni mucho menos por qué hubo el cambio de seiyuu. Va a ser difícil averiguarlo luego de tantos años, pero me da curiosidad saber por qué.

      Por lo visto Kinkinman también tuvo un cambio de seiyuu, de Keiichi Noda a Osamu Kato.

      1. ¡Wow, qué datazo!
        Yo comencé a poner en los créditos los nombres de los actores de voz y hasta ahora sólo me ha salido Nana Yamaguchi. Tampoco se puede decir que se nota un cambio en la voz, pero es que esta gente es tan profesional que no extraña. ¡¿Y Kinkinman también?! :O

        Lo único curioso que he podido averiguar hasta ahora en cuanto a los actores de reparto, es que el seiyuu de Galia, Kazuhiko Inoue, es el mismo de Willy Tybur de Shingeki no Kyojin (no se si lo has avisto. Yo adoro ese animé) y Takashi Tanaka, el seiyuu de Guyma, es el 2do seiyuu de Netero de Hunter x Hunter 2011. Las carreras así de largas de estos actores es simplemente impresionante.

  2. There is a degree of sincerity to these vintage cartoons. It is all very silly and overdone, and it is endearing to see them draw an impossible and irrational world that maybe a child would have imagined, yet the drama in these crucial moments reminds me of something old and carnal like Shakespeare. The anime never aired this far on television when I watched it as a kid, and I am glad to be able to follow the story thanks to your effort! It really is a much better show than I would have guessed based on those few first episodes!

    1. Yes, from now on is “uncharted” territory for most people, except for Italians I think, apart from the Japanese, obviously. I thought Swedes too but Wikipedia says they only had 24 episodes dubbed Swedish.

      A South Korean fansub group subbed the whole series in Korean several years ago, so maybe the South Koreans have also watched the whole series.

      I will give closure to the whole planet, don’t worry. Episode 51 is half done.

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