SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 49

The Conspiracy of Queen Lassetz

At last, King Gyuma led his entire fleet in an all-out attack on the Cosmos. In order to protect Princess Aurora, Kugo and the cyborgs unite their hearts to fight back, but they are gradually pushed into a difficult situation by the overwhelming numbers. If nothing is done, the lives of Kugo and the others will be in danger. Princess Aurora demands King Gyuma to stop the attack in exchange for her own life. Kugo, who knows this, hides the Princess on planet Right-Left to hide her from the enemies, but Bellamis is waiting there for her. The Princess is taken to the planet Lassetz by Bellamis!

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Translation Thoughts

Even though I knew King Gyuma was a bad person, his love for Queen Lassetz was true, and I couldn’t help feeling bad for him when I watched this episode. Unrequited love, nonetheless.

Following Starzinger’s tradition, the planet that is divided in two and has a right side and a left side is called the ライトーレフト RAITO-REFUTO (Right-Left) planet.

At 2:33 King Gyuma says:

Yatsura nukenuke to kono GYUMA-sei ni chikadzuite ki yotte
They are getting closer to this planet Gyuma however they want

The onomatopoeia 抜け抜けnukenuke means “however one wishes”, “freely”, “impudently”. What King Gyuma means here is that they are getting through the Gilara system impudently. How dare they!

At 5:15 Jogo says:

Daga sono kotoba watashi no atsuki mune no naka ni taisetsu ni shimatte okimasu yo
But I’ll keep those words close to my passionate heart

He says 熱き atsuki that comes from 熱い atsui which is an adjective that means “hot”, but when it’s used for feelings instead of things, it means passionate or ardent.

At 10:13 King Gyuma says:

Nigashite yarou sore de omae ga inochi wa tatanu to iu nara sono jouken nonde mo yoi
I’ll let them escape, and if you don’t take your own life, I’ll accept your terms.

You can see if you watch the episode that I changed that line a little bit because I thought it was redundant since the terms are, in fact, that King Gyuma let the cyborgs escape.

This is the most famous quote from this episode, and it’s always mentioned on any website that discusses this episode in particular:

Mucha tte iu no wa kuugo-san kara oshierareta koto no hitotsu desu
Recklessness is one of the things Kugo-san taught me.

You can also translate 無茶 mucha as “being unreasonable” and the line would say “Being unreasonable is one of the things I learned from Kugo-san”. It’s fine either way.

One thought to “SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 49”

  1. ¿Hola!
    ¿Cómo estás? 😁
    Me encanta la evolución de Kugo durante toda la serie, pero es lindo también ver como la Princesa, a pesar de lo dura y estricta que tuvo que ser con él desde el principio, también haya aprendido cosas de él, y que se lo haga saber con la humildad que la caracteriza.
    Son las cosas que se aprecian viendo la serie ahora ya grande, además con la traducción correcta porque para variar, esa escena la arruinaron en el doblaje latino.

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