SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 30

Escape the Hell Planet!

Princess Aurora finally decides to fight. The cunning Ginginman takes the life of the father of the Three Poise Brothers and sends them into the battlefield in his place. The three brothers are convinced that their father’s death was the work of Kugo and his friends. The three brothers come at the Cosmos with a vengeance, and Kugo and the others are forced to fight an uphill battle. The three brothers, however, happen to learn everything from a microcassette left behind by their father and realize that they have been deceived. Kinkinman, realizing the failure of his plan, sends out Kinginder again!

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Translation Thoughts

The title of this episode is: 地獄星を脱出せよ!– Jigoku hoshi o dasshutsuse yo!

地獄 jigoku means hell. But the planet our friends end up is Planet Magnet. They clearly say at 6:34:

Teki o yudan sasete ano MAGUNETO wakusei no jigokudani e tsukiotoshite yaru nda
We’re going to catch our enemies off guard and push them down into the Hell Valley of Planet Magnet

マグネト惑星 MAGUNETO wakusei means “Planet Magnet”, or maybe “magnet planet”.

I wonder why they didn’t name this episode “Escape from Planet Magnet!”?

We got a new song for the opening! This will be the opening up to the last episode of Starzinger I, which is episode 64.

The song is called 宇宙の戦士スタージンガー Uchuu no senshi SUTAAJINGAA – Space Warrior Starzinger, and these are the lyrics:

Kimi no ase ga hoshi ni naru
Your sweat becomes stars

Kimi no namida ga kaze ni naru
Your tears become wind

Yami to arashi o koeru toki
Through the darkness and the storm

Toui hikari ga miete kuru
You see light in the distance

急げ 戦う男たち
Isoge tatakau otoko-tachi
Hurry up, fighting men!

夜明けが 君を待っている
Yoake ga kimi o matte iru
The dawn is waiting for you

スタージンガー スタージンガー
Starzinger Starzinger

Chikara no kagiri o teki ni buttsukete
Strike the enemy with all your strength

胸に描くは はるか大王星
Mune ni egaku wa haruka daiou sei
The distant Great Planet is drawn on my chest

3 thoughts to “SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 30”

  1. I have been searching for this cartoon for so long! Nearly 15 years but I could never remember the name of it. After countless Google searches I’ve managed to find it. At least I think I have. I’ve watch 3, 45 minute episodes online and still not found the part that’s so familiar to me. Forgive me for not knowing the names etc but this was like 30 years ago I was watching this. The green guy, always picture him eating hamburgers. I remember the main character having that stick and then the episode when the green one is eating the burgers he is sweating and him and the skinny blue guy get embarrassed when the moon princess sees them. Could you possibly shed any light on which episode this was?

    1. I would say the last minutes of episode 8, definitely, which is the only one that he eats burgers. It might also be episode 5 or episode 6, those two also have scenes with Hakka eating a lot (not burgers) and the others being embarrassed or angry about it. But you should watch the whole series though! It’s fun!

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