SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 52

The Man Who Came Back From Hell

After the destruction of the planets Gyuma and Lassetz, the remnants of Gyuma’s army continued their activities, despite Princess Aurora’s prayers for peace. Prince Gaima, son of King Gyuma, was surprised to hear the news of the destruction of his planet. It seems that a man named Kugo defeated his father and destroyed his homeland. Prince Gaima, proud to be the strongest cyborg warrior in the Gilara system, vows to take revenge on the Cosmos, Kugo and his friends!

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Translation Thoughts

This is the first episode of the Prince Gaima arc, which goes up to episode 56. This is also the last arc of the series; after this it’s just episodic stories (or fillers if you will) until they reach the Great Planet on episode 64, the last episode of Starzinger I.

Prince Gaima is King Gyuma’s son who was in the Zeta star system, but he returned to this home planet after the whole Zeta star system exploded because of the weakening of the galaxy’s energy. He didn’t know that both his father and his planet were gone.

At 1:57 Kugo says:

Urusai nda yo na mou hito ga sekkaku ii kimochi de nemutteru tte no ni
It’s noisy even though there are people sleeping peacefully

The direct translation shows a little more of Kugo’s sarcasm than the line I used. I just felt it didn’t sound right, so I changed it a little bit. It’s funny to me how, after this line, Hakka asks the same question to Jogo, but quieter this time.

I struggled a little bit with the line at 2:14:

Bosu wa shinda nda yo sonna ikinokori taishita koto wa nai yo
The boss is dead, they are not a big deal, surviving like that

What Kugo is trying to say here is that since the boss is dead, what kind of life could they have? How can they survive like that? It’s not much of a survival.

Hakka says at 5:34:

Are ga hontou no hitori sumou da ze
That’s real one-man sumo wrestling

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about sumo, the national Japanese sport. The joke here is that the army destroyed itself, and it looked like a one-man fight.

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